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Nikta is an Iranian-Canadian freelance theatre director, based in Boston. She has finished her B.A. in Theatre-Directing at Tehran University in Iran and her M.A in Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy at the University of Ottawa in Canada. The focus of her Master’s thesis was on intercultural theater and she directed an excerpt from the medieval play The Mystery of the Passion by Arnoul Gréban and explored the results of staging the medieval French mystery play using elements borrowed from the aesthetics of Ta'zieh, a traditional Iranian form of theatre.  

As an artist who has lived more than 10 years in the diaspora, she finds her way of expressing herself and contributing to socio-cultural activities by presenting part of her culture that is less known to the rest of the world.


Nikta has directed and participated in multiple productions as assistant director, actress, and stage manager in Iran, Canada, and the U.S. 


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