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By Bahram Beyzaie
Directed by Nikta Sabouri
Translated by Richard Saul Chason & Nikta Sabouri

The first complete English translation of the 1957 masterpiece by Bahram Beyzaie (the Shakespeare of Persia), Aurash: Narration for Narration, for Naqqali and other Performances is an epic dramatic prose poem, a work of mythological revisionism that recounts the tale of Aurash, the famed archer whose single arrow finished a war and preserved a nation, but to what end?

We have assembled a team of artists from Iran and America with Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Baha'i faith backgrounds to present an intercultural production of this work. It is our hope to foster communication and understanding among cultures whose art is too often neglected and to bring out the universal relevance within the work of Beyzaie.

Movement Director: Jani Monet Rodrigues
Musicians:  Farzin Dehghan & Afarin Nazarijou
Costume Designer: Andrew Child
Lighting Designer:  Sam Tompkins Martin 
Stage Manager: Briana Clarke
Poster Design by: Parastoo Aslanbeik

Photographer: Jon Sachs

Jani Monet Rodrigues
Shaoul Rick Chason
Rachel Leigh Richter
Eric McGowan


March 5,6,7,  2020
Boston Playwrights' Theatre

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